About Us

   Organic ~

1. Relating to or derived from living matter.

2. (of food or farming methods) produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial agents.

  Oreganic State ® was founded with the number 1 definition in mind. The natural environment of Earth itself being organic. Throughout the beautiful United States Oregon stands out as one of the most lush, scenic, vibrant and diverse. The quintessential organic state. Thus Oreganic State ® was born.

Our mission is to promote environmental awareness and advocacy throughout Oregon, the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Our goal is to not only raise awareness of our collective environment but to also address the concerns and needs of it. Oreganic State ® is a symbolic brand, meaning our emphasis is on what the brand stands for and represents, which is, the natural state of Oregon and greater Pacific Northwest. Our products themselves are not organically made. Our products are produced in Oregon in collaboration with local vendors and the state economy.

Oreganic State ® is closely affiliated with its sister brand, ENV America ®. ENV America ® products will continue to be available on OreganicState.com and will ultimately be extensively featured on EnvAmerica.net, coming soon. ENV America's mission is to promote environmental awareness and advocacy nationwide, featuring a select group of states representing each region of America.

Thank you for your patronage and enjoy your Oreganic State!